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Included in the gallery is a small selection of other costume pieces I’ve created for film, TV and theatre. More details on specific projects are in the gallery.


1880s hat

Hand-stretched felt hat with silk, peacock tailfeather and hand beaded acces.


Fantasy Top Hat

Hand stretched felt top hat for NIDA production of As You Like It. Accented with hessian, pheasant feathers and other passmentarie.


Edwardian hat

Hand shaped straw hat with rolled brim from 1908 illustration. Trimmed with hand made fabric flowers.


1930's Hat

1930's inspired hand dyed and hand shaped straw hat. Trimmed with individually cut and shaped emu and turkey feathers.


1880's Bustle Dress

Completely scratch-drafted 1880s inspired dress of silk. Alternating panels were cut from opposing sides of the fabric for contrast. Hand made trim is in the same fabric.


1914 Shoes

Shoes made while at a shoemaking course as part of NIDA costume desgree. Inspired by the artwork of Leon Bakst.


1914 Dress

Completely scratch drafted 1914 Erte inspired dress. Made entirely from sarees, then meticulously hand beaded.


1660s Inspired Opera Dress

Fantasy opera dress based on a 1660s silhouette, for the character Germania in the opera Il Pomo D'Oro. Materials include leather, sequins, curtain fabrics, velvet, fishnet and assorted trims. Costume was hand dyed, hand foiled, hand printed, hand quilted and predominantly hand stitched.


Baron Vladmir Harkonnen

Part of a research project involving using historical costuming techniques to create science fiction characters. Fat suit and entire costume were made for the project.


Red Tailored Coat

For a NIDA production of Richard III. Coat was cut and drafted from scratch, meticulously pad stitched, and finished as befits bespoke menswear.


Dominos Pizza Faun

Fur faun legs created for a Dominos Pizza advert. Hooves were made by Studio Kite.


ANZ Robot Girl

Designed and constructed deliberately schlocky robotic call center worker for ANZ Bank commercial.


Cybergoth outfit

Designed, cut, drafted and constructed futuristic-noir goth outfit. Materials include PVC and light reflective strips. Boots by Pennangalan.