World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade – Nordrassil Raiment

World of Warcraft has been a big part of my life since I first started playing in 2007. Although my main character is a Hunter, I’ve been actively playing a Druid for quite a few years, and the Nordrassil Raiment has to be one of my favourite gear sets in the game.

So when Ironfest 2016 was coming up and I was asked to judge the cosplay competition, I thought it was high time to complete a WoW cosplay, and this felt appropriate. I finished the entire thing in bits and pieces – all up, it was around two weeks of work, with the final feathers going on the kilt the night before the event.

The armor is made from EVA foam floor tiles that were shaped using a heat gun and sealed with Armor All Custom Shield (a good – and cheaper – plasti-dip substitute). I then gave them a coat of automotive primer, a base coat of brown gloss, and filled in the details with acrylic paints.

The gems in the armor were cast from resin and tinted with nail polish and glitter – I have a tonne of gemstone shaped silicone ice cube moulds that I brought on eBay that are fantastic for casting gems in. I pre-wired the LEDs and embedded them into the gems as the resin set.

The kilt, though deceptively simple, was the most time consuming part, as it involved gluing nearly 1000 feathers to the sides – a tedious process, but one that I felt yielded beautiful results. The rest of the skirt was finished in fake ivy leaves, fake fur trim and velvet, with details added in rope.

I wanted the skirt to look somewhat dishevelled, as befits a druid – like it’d just been through the muddy waters in Serpenshrine Cavern while tanking a doomed raid – so after meticulously finishing it I hit it with spray paints, acrylic paints, and a cheese grater.

All in all, I was extraordinarily happy with the results. This certainly won’t be my last WoW cosplay.