World of Warcraft: Legion – Orc Death Knight

Creating this cosplay for the Australian Championships of Cosplay competition was an intense, nine week labour of love. Based on the Orc Female version of the Death Knight tier set, this took around nine weeks to build. Unlike many World of Warcraft cosplays, I built this entirely of EVA foam, including all of the skulls, as I knew the sheer size of the pauldrons would make anything heavier unfeasible. Accents and detailing were done with leather and scale mail. I used WS2812 LED strips, and programmed all the lighting using FastLED script and an Adafruit Arduino trinket, and also mounted mini smoke machines in the shoulders. I also made the leather corset that I wore underneath, which served not just to smooth out my silhouette but to stop the scale mail from pinching.

I also applied a bald cap and hairpiece to create the iconic Orc Female look with a shaved head and tonsure – I punshed a small hole in the bald cap and pulled my own ponytail through, then used a clip on ponytail over that. I used Proaiir Hybrid airbrush body paint to create the pallid, undead shade of makeup.

Initially, I was just happy to use the competition as a deadline for making this armor set, but in the end this cosplay won me the Sydney round of the competition, as well as the overall national championship, so I am enormously proud of my work on this cosplay.

Photos by Jason Gaffey Photography, Steamkittens, and Byte Size Photography (see individual photos for credit).