Silk Spectre

Watchmen is one of my all-time favorite graphic novels, and having a penchant for golden age superhero design, Silk Spectre I (particularly the film version) was something I’d wanted to make for a while.

While deceptively simple looking, the bulk of the costume was actually creating an elaborate gartered corset to create the right silhouette, which I chose to make from milled sheepskin leather. The outer dress is of a fine silk georgette, which I custom dyed to match the costume artwork. I also made a leather belt and cuff, and altered a pre-purchased pleather glove to match the film art.

Under the costume I wore ballet tights that I’d custom dyed to match my own skin tone, and I was really pleased with the dye result – they’re almost indistinguishable from my own skin in photos. I also created movie-accurate stockings by layering together a pair of fishnets and a pair of 20 denier back seamed stockings.

Photo by Anthanum Photography