Overwatch – Mei

When the Overwatch character designs were first released, I was ecstatic to see that there was a wide range of characters with wildly varying body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds, and of particular appeal to me were the characters of Mei and Zarya. A game with not one, but TWO plus sized female characters? Yes please. I was sold.

Supanova is a yearly convention that has events in most Australian capital cities, and I was originally going to wear my World of Warcraft druid cosplay this year, but about three weeks out, I was itching to make something else, and since I was so taken with the Overwatch designs, and at the urging of a few friends, I decided to quickly complete a Mei cosplay. I was beyond happy with the results.

The cosplay took, from start to finish, three (fairly intense) weeks of work, with the boots and coat taking up the bulk of that. The cryo pack was the last bit that I made, and took just six hours from cutting the polycarbonate to the final coat of paint.

I’m currently doing a more in-depth write up of my processes on my blog – you can read through what I’ve written here:

Mei Tutorial #1: Boots

Photos taken by Mumei at Supanova Sydney 2016

Additional photos by R.A. Photography