World of Warcraft - Orc Death Knight

For the Australian Championships of Cosplay, I made
the Orc Death Knight Tier 19 raid set from World of
Warcraft: Legion. I won!
Here's how I made the smoke machines in the shoulders ...

Photo by Steamkittens

IMG_0596 – without potg (1)

Overwatch - Mei

I fell in love with the character designs of Overwatch.
I spent three weeks creating Mei's costume -
and I've started putting together tutorials on how I did it.

Photo by Mumei

fallout 3 slider

Fallout 3 - Lone Wanderer

I may be ... more than a little Fallout obessed.
So when I won a trip to PAX Australia shortly before
the Fallout 4 launch, I just had to make something!

Photo by Steamkittens

harley slider

Classic Harley Quinn

The Bruce Timm version of Harley Quinn from the
Batman Animated Series was always my favorite.
Check out the photo shoot!

Photo by Light Sculpture Photography